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The air was electric, but Sam knew it was just in his head. He glanced again over the Devil's Trap - both the one on the ceiling and the one on the floor. Either way, they'd have the demon, Sam wasn't worried, not about that part. What did worry him was Peter's reaction. If Pete - Spiderman, Sam had to call him Spiderman during the meeting - tried to stop him, Sam knew he wasn't strong enough to make Peter stop from trying to save the vessel. It all came down to trust, and Sam just had to trust Peter would let him do what needed to be done.

Crouching by the entrance to not throw a shadow into the window, the salt trail set all around, Sam was ready to seal it. "C'mon, Pete," Sam whispered, one hand around a container of salt, the other around the hilt of the knife. The demon wouldn't be getting out there, one way or the other.
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For [personal profile] spideyguy | Continued from here

It was a shock to wake up the next morning, Sam's eyes darting around until he realized there was someone curled up to him. His long fingers slipped through Peter's hair and Sam came back to the present. He smiled at Pete and shifted, causing his lover to shift away as well, toward the shadows.

Sam was able to slip out of bed and pull on his jeans. The fly was buttoned but Sam didn't bother with the waist button. No, he had to still take a shower, find some breakfast and teach Peter everything he knew about demons. That last part made Sam take a deep breath, and he reached into his bag and pulled out rock salt. Taking the canister to the window, Sam began to cover the sill in a thick, connected line.
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For [personal profile] spideyguy

Continued from here

"I'm just glad he didn't design to stay and watch," Sam laughed, taking a bite of his pizza. His fatal mistake was laughing, talking and eating a foreign pizza all at once. The thick crust and sauce began to dribble, forcing Sam to raise the piece up and get under it so he didn't spill. While Peter's place was cluttered, it wasn't filthy, and Sam didn't want to contribute to that, or worse, be the cause of it.

With Peter's shift, Sam's palm landed on his knee, perfectly acceptable place to rest during pizza time. They moved so easily together, and even knowing now that peter was Spiderman, it didn't change who Peter was in Sam's eyes. While enjoying more than the vanilla variety of sex, Sam didn't even consider making a web swing to mess around in. The Hunter was just so happy to be able to relax, to breathe for once, even if it was just one night. Away from an impersonal hotel room, the noxious smell of beer farts and body odor from Dean's binges, rare though they were.


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